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Welcome to Bakugan Cyberspace were you can find the worlds largest upcoming events, and etc. be sure to please become an member here and also Subscribe to us! This is Kai with important news and we need all members to help. As you know Bakugan-Dimensions is shutting down if now go to the news section and read the article.We are starting a new forum for brawling where members can brawl just like on Bakugan-Dimensions. 


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Pyrus can be found at the inner core of the Universe and is habited by Bakugan who draw their strength from the excruciating heat that surrounds them. It is within these deep recesses of the molten rock that their intensity is forged. Never one to waste even a second, the Pyrus blitz their enemy from every angle like a raging firestorm.


The planet of Ventus is swift and silent, yet within its borders lurks a vicious cycle that overwhelms intruders and punishes them for trespassing.  The Ventus Bakugans are fast and powerful like hurricane winds.  Once their enemies get caught in the eye of the storm, they are defenseless to the Ventus' wrath.



Subterra's rugged exterior prepares its Bakugans for the hard and cruel Universe that awaurs them.  Dividing their time above and below ground, the Subterra Bakugan perfect their craft of combat with a highly intense level of enthusiasm.  They are one with the land in which they live and their Battle style suggests nothing to the contrary,


Buried deep belowe a blanket of dark warers, a deceiving air of tranquility fills Aquoes.  On the surface all appears calm and still, but in that silence lurk deadly warriors, proficient in all saturated environments.  Aquos Bakugan seamlessly glide from one attack position to the next, constantly preparing for their moment of glory.


Hao' skies shine bright, leaving a lasting effect on even the most protected eyes.  A mystic aura emanates from the planet.  A colossal source of power is the center of the planet, which draws energy from all matters of light.  It is under this mass of activity that the Haos Bakugans have discovered the mythical abilitity to control and manipulate light and energy.


Darkus is located on the Dark Hemisphere of the Univrse and is home to Bakguans who are grandmasters in night fighting and destruction.  Years of study and intense training have allowd the Darkus Bakugans to thrive in Battles hidden deep in the shadows of the night.  It is within these shadows that the Darkus Bakugans grow in strength.