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Since this is bakugan cyberspace's 1st tournament we need to debate what type of tournament it will be.I gave some information about the tournament types and how the battle styles will be.Even though we don't have enpugh members brawler can still sign-up.The Tournament will be in Neo City.When we reach at least 15 to 30 members the tournament will begin.Brawlers are still able to sign-up for the tournament by simply posting below but the tournament will only begin when we reach15 - 30 brawlers.But for now the entries are below.If you want to sign up then post below.You must have a brawler profile.Should the tournament consist of 2 VS 2 where the brawlers have a better chance of winning? Or a 1 VS 1 where the brawler decides they are able to take the challange themselves? The battle style is only for the tournaments not for regular brawls

2 VS 2 Tournament

In a 2 VS 2 tournament our system will pick random brawlers to be on teams to battle (Team 1 VS Team 2)

The battle system will change.Each player from each team will take turns and be able to discuss plans with their partner in a private message to avoid any mistakes.The battle order will be shown below.You can also have a little team name if you choose to.Which ever teams wins the brawl will move up on board while the losing team will be escorted out the battle.The point of the brawl is to use a stradgey to help out your member and your team.The ability use is the same as always 1 Fusion ability ,2 Regular abilities, 1 Special ability.We will have Game Masters (MODS) Watch the battles to ensure safe brawling.The mods will also let you know when the stages have ended and when/who can begin each round.

Turn Slot

Team 1 Player 1

Team 2 Player 1

Team 1 Player 2

Team 2 Player 2

1 VS 1 Tournament

In the 1 VS 1 tournament each brawler will do what they can to win.Even if it includes sacrificing a bakugan to win.But this is slightly different from the original brawl and the 2 VS 2 brawl because you will gain 50 HSPoints for each brawl you win and use them in the bakugan store to purchase neat bakugan or save them up.Here the ability use is different because brawlers will be able to use 5 regular abilities and there will only be one gatecard to use.Mods will choose the gatecards to put into battle.The gatecard will give you a advantage or give the opponent the advantage so beware.The gatecard will open after each side has used 2 abilities.The only thing that will be the same is the 3 rounds that you will fight in.

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When you get enough members, I will be in the tournament.

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