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I know that some of you guys have trouble brawling and creating a brawler profile so im here to explain how it goes and if you still have questions just message me.I also gave the link to ability and gate card list

Ability Card:


Profile Database:

Bralwer Profile

Basic profile rules.

1. You shall list your forum username first (ex. I would put Tigrerra first)


2. You shall list your bakugan that you will use there is a limit on how many you can list which is three and the bakugan must be 30G's apart


3.Now you shall move on to your card deck which is limited to two parts: Gate Cards which you are only allowed to have 10 of [No Doubles] & Abilities which you can have up to 25 of and they must be to your element unless you list why you have a different element cards in your deck.Special Abilities can only be used once in a brawl and you can only have 1 per profile and they count towards the ability limit.

4. After you have done all that wait for your profile to be approved by a staff member and then you can begin brawling in the ranked areas. If you have any questions ask me or one of the forum brawlers on how to make a ranked brawling profile. All profile edits must be reapproved before you can go back into brawls and you are limited to 3 profile updates a month which we will keep a record of.


7. Profiles are one per person unless given a good valid reason by the admins for having an extra profile.


Profile Set-Up

this is how you should set up your profiles remeber that all profiles go into the profile database in the forum section

Name: place your forum name here and if you like any nickname you would like us to call you


Element: this one seems kind of self explanatory just place in what element you are going to use


Main Bakugan: this is the are you place your main bakugan remember only three mains are allowed, also all bakugan must keep a 30g difference in each class of bakugan meaning you can’t have three evolved bakugan at 650gs they must be at least 30 apart from each other.


Mechtogan & Traps: this is the place where you place your Mechtogan or your trap bakugan. You are only allowed one and they can’t pass 450gs.


Fusion Bakugan: this is the place you place the fusion you might be planning to use. To place a fusion you must have the two bakugan used to make the fusion in your profile. Fusion gs must be 800 only


Gate Cards: this area you place in your gate cards separated by a comma. Remember that you can only have 10 here no more any less


Ability Cards: this is the area you place in your Ability cards separated by a comma. remember that you can only have 25 here and they must follow the forbidden list otherwise you won't be approved


Reason for other elements: this one also is self explanatory just place in why you are using other elements like a preyus or gate that allows you to change attribute

Alright once you have done all that just wait for approved so have fun brawling. :D

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