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Alright so you made an intro and your brawling profile is finished! Now you can brawl but first you want to learn the rules! We brawl similar to the way in the original bakugan that requires strategy. With a few tweaks of our own, its really fun! :lol:  If you need a little more help remember to message me for assistance or post it here


1. The Goal is to defeat all 3 of your opponents bakugan.


2. A Bakugan team cannot be of a mixed attribute. You can only use one element like Pyrus.


3. You are allowed to use a total of 2 abilities, 1 special ability and 1 fusion ability per round/battle.


4. A winner is declared when all 3 of a players bakugan are defeated or when the brawl lasts longer than 2 days without a response. In that case, that last player to respond will be declared winner by forfeit.


5. We do not at anytime or will ever allow the use of real life abilities or gatecards, this game is modeled after the show not the real life game. so please don't  post profile's with real life abilities and gates.


6. If all your bakugan are on the field, then you cant really do anything so you may choose one of the following options:


A: Pass the turn

B: Reset your bakugan


 If you choose B, you are allowed to reset only one of your bakugan


7. The winner of a round starts the next turn.

 Playing Gate Cards


A. When you open a gate card it can only be used once. YOU CANNOT use more than one of the same Gate Card during play.


B. You can only open a gate card when there are 2 bakugan on a card or if you have a trap or mechtogan on the gate. Dosen't matter who teams they are on as long as there are bakugans on a card the cotroller can open it.

Ability Cards


A. Ability Cards and Counter Cards. These Cards can be used as many times as allowed by the limited list. Copy Cat allows for a selected card to be used again.


B. An ability card cannot be played more than once in the same turn


C. When regaining your abillity cards by means of reload and/or Haos Triple Chain Reaction, special abillity cards are not reuseable.


D. Special Ability cards if chosen to be used can and may be used once and you can only use 1 in the same game.

 To understand more about brawling go here and look at the example brawl:

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