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Name: Shadow , S


Element: Darkus


Main Bakugan: Wyvern 800gs, Hammer Gorem 750gs, Taylean 650gs


Trap: Baliton 350gs


Gate Cards. (10)

Cheering Battle: u are aloud to add another bakugan on tha gate card

Darkus Hazard:changes all bakugan on this card to Subterra regardless of attribute

Darkus Reactor:boosts subterra bakugan gs by 400

Mirror Match - When battling on this gate card, if your Gs are lower than your opponent's bakugan your. Gs become the same as that bakugan. If your opponent Gains any Gs during this battle u gain the same Gs.

Frost Bite - Half your opponents Gs

Infinite Vortex - Neither brawler may use Ability cards.

Trap Pull: Pulls in your opponents trap and it's gs are reduced to 0 (Need your bakugan and an opponent's to activate)

Revive: When this card is opened the owner gains all his defeated bakugan back.

Super Tauris: the gs are switched

Energy Merge: takes 100gs from the opponents bakugan and gives it to you


Abilities (13)

Doom companion: it destroys all bakugan on one gate card (Must have darkus bakugan on the gate card chosen)

Oregano revenge: it gives the bakugan 100g and the opponent’s bakugan loose 100gs each (on that gate card)

Meirge shield: allows you to take all the gs that your opponent gained and give it to the using bakugan (the opponent’s bakugan still keeps the gs)

Double dimension: it negates an ability card

Dimension 4: it nullifies a gate card

Grand Down: Destroys gate card

Spiced Assault: Increases gs by 100 and reduces all opponent bakugan by 100gs.

Wrath Of Darkness- lower all non-darkus by 50gs

Twilight dusk: your darkus bakugan gains 50g and your opponent's bakugan loses 50g, but if your opponents bakugan is haos it loses 100g.

Falling Darkness- All non-darkus bakugan return to the owner

Orbiting Moon - Opponent loose 150g And You Increase 150g

Ghost Strike- You can re-use a used ability this turn only.


Spirit canyon: it neutralizes your last ability and takes the amount of gs your opponent got from it


Bakugan Abilities (10)

Hammer Gorem

Grand Impact (hammer gorem): increases gs by 200 and decreases the opponents gs by 200



Big Bang Blaze (wyvern): nullifies all abilitys, special abilitys, and gates your opponent used and you gain one of your used abilities back.

Spirit Eye Flash (Wyvern) - switches the gs that the bakugan would gain from a gate or ability card to being decreased instead.



Kazami Style - Fire Illusion(Taylean) Takes away 200g from any bakugan on the field and then gains 200.

Slash Supreme Sword Storm(Taylean) Decreases opponent by 200

Gun Red - Tokish Baru(Taylean) Adds 200 to Taylean & decreses opponent by 100

Kazami Style - Shadow Alter Ego(Taylean) Increases by 100 & opponent loses 200

Slash Hyper - Sword Storm(Taylean) Opponent loses 300g

Slash Rise Thunder(Taylean) Increses by 200 & opponent loses 200

Jump Red - Slash Sword(Taylean) Taylets gets 200gs added to him.


Special Ability (1)

Backlash: Turns gs negative.

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