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Name: Kid Goku , Goku , Kid


Attribute: Subterra

Trap: Baliton 350G



Guardian Bakugan

Thunder Wilda (750G)


1.Sand Beast [ Nullifies the ability )


2.Molten Rock [ Nullifies the ability and transfers 200G from opponent to Thunder Wilda ]


3.Clay Wall [ Reduces opponent G-Power back to its base level and Thunder Wilda gains 200G ]


4.CopyCat [ Copies the opponents ability ]


5.Volcano Hammer [ Transfers 200G from the opponent to Thunder Wilda ]


6.Land Twister [ Blocks the opponent from attacking and nullifies their last ability ]


Altair 650gs

1. Mega Shield (altair): Negates all g power changes from abilities used before this card.

2. Thunder Flare(altair): Increases gs by 200 and decreases the opponents by 200.

3. Thunder Booster(altair): Increases gs by 300 and decreases the opponents by 300.


Dual Hydranoid 720gs

4. Dual Gazer (dual hydranoid)X2: increases gs by 50 and can attack another bakugan on the field even if you’re facing another bakugan.

6. Distruction Impact (dual hydranoid): increases gs by 100 and nulls the gate card.



Earth power: it increases your gs by 50g

Sand trap: it decreases the opposing bakugan’s gs by 50 and can attack the opposing bakugan from another gate card

Desert thunder: plus 100g

Spirit canyon: it neutralizes your last ability and takes the amount of gs your opponent got from it

Copycat: copys the ability the opponent used before this one.

Magma Provinence: changes the gate card to subterra field.

Rock freeze: nullifies the gate card

Earth Calling: your subterra bakugan gains 200g

Subterra Jewels - Boosts by 100gs and opponent lose 100gs

Trembler - your opponent loses 200gs

Magma Burst:Increases gs by 300 and the user must pick a unused ability and count it as used

Mud tears: The Opponent is Forced to Stay On the Gate

Rock Climb: Can Move On Any Gate

Underground Tunnel - During Battle your bakugan can move to another Gate Card


Final Judgement: Destroys all bakugan on gatecard except of the attribute of your choosing.

Battle Sham: There is a fake battle and one of your opponents bakugan die.

Wall Lock: Negates the ability

Mine Ghost: Destroys all bakugan on the gatecard

Pyrus: The Gs switch

Reload: Regain all of your abilities

Revive: Regain all of your defeated bakugan

Subterra Hazard: Changes all bakugan on that gatecard to Subterra.

Subterra Reactor: All Subterra bakugan gain 200 gs

Triple Battle: Send in another bakugan into battle

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