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Bakugan: Storm Skyress 750G ,Master Ingram 650G, Falconeer 500G

Trap Bakugan:Hylash 350


1.Third wind (fusion ability): Cancel out the Gate Card and Increase your Bakugan's Gs by 100. (must be fused with Moonlight Breeze)

2.Moonlight Breeze: Increase Gs by 100.

3.Crimson Twister:Subtract 100G from your opponent and add 200G to your bakugan

4.Gaile Burst:If your Bakugan's G Power is 900G or higher wipe out all Bakugan on the field

5.Aoelusic Winds: Return one Bakugan Trap back to its owner.

6.Tornado Pandemonium:Nullifies the gate card

7.Shadow Scratch: Negate the effect of an Ability and Gate Card

8.Ventus Whip:Select one of your Ventus bakugan, which will gain 120G. Your opponent's bakugan will lose 50G.

9.Hot Wind: All non Ventus and non Pyro Bakugan lose 50G

10.Nemesis Storm:Transfer 250G from your opponent's bakugan to yours.

11.Sky Camaflouge: if your ventus bakugan has 400g or less it will gain 300g and the opponent's bakugan loses 50g

12.Floating Lotus:All Bakugans on the Field Loose 100g And Add them To the using bakugan

13.Ventus Maxima:-All non-ventus bakugan on the field lose 200gs

14.Cyclonic Gale: Increase your Bakugan’s G power by 50 and decrease your opponent’s by 50. Also, any ability that decreases Bakugan’s Gs in this battle increases it instead.

15.Green Volt:Boosts 200gs

16.Winds Of Change: Switch the position of a bakugan on the field with another 1 of your bakugan on the field

17.Crossing Winds:All Bakugan go abck to their Base G Power.

18.Violent Ventus:Increae your G Power by 100G

19.Low Revolving Storm:  Increase your Bakugan's G Power by 100G

20.Cyclone Harpoon: Increase your Bakugan's G Power by 100G

21.Winds of Strength:absorb 200 gs from your opponent

22.Ventus Reaction: If Ventus Reactor is active in this battle your bakugan gain double the gs from the gate card.

23.Solar Ices: Increases 200

24.Blow Away: Subtract 200G from your opponent's bakugan.

25.Jump over: your bakugan is able to go to another gate card

Gate cards

1.Energy Merge: takes 100gs from the opponents bakugan and gives it to you

2.Frost Bite - Half your opponents Gs

3.Dark Revenge: Neutralizes the Ability and Gain 1 Ability 

4. Mirror Match: When battling on this gate card, if your Gs are lower than your opponent's bakugan your Gs become the same as that bakugan. If your opponent Gains any Gs during this battle u gain the same Gs.

5.Ventus Hazard: changes all bakugan on this card to Ventus regardless of attribute

6.Abillity Mirror: Sends the abilly card effect back at the opponent

7.Final Judgment: it destroys all the bakugan on that gate card exept of the attribute of ur chooseing

8.Super Tauris: the gs are switched

9.Revive: When this card is opened the owner gains all his defeated bakugan back.

10.Mine Ghost: destroys all bakugan on that card

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Posts: 6

Thank you so much Storm!

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