Only the best of the best can survive this place

If you don't know how to start brawling in the forums simply read these rules. They can help you out and turn you into a master brawler.

Site Rules

1.No swearing: If you do, expect a temporary ban
2.No name calling!! 
3.Don't cheat at this game. Cheaters never win, winners never cheat.
4.No spamming the chat room!! If there is one thing I hate, it is spam.
5.Do not threaten or suggest a threat to anyone on this site.
6.No profanity or pornography allowed on this site
7.Any criminal and/ similar to criminal acts will lead to immediate action on your account and/ immdiate contact of real life polie officers.
8.Be a good sport. No one likes sore losers. Also, everyone hates sore winners!

Bakugan Planett Rules!

Before you start each player must have

  • 10 Gate Cards
  • 25 Ability Cards.
  • 1 Bakugan Trap or Mechtogan
  • 3 Of Any Bakugan Of Their Choice
  • Start out with 250 HSP (Bakugan Shopping Points)


The Goal is to defeat all 3 of your opponents bakugan. A Bakugan team cannot be of a mixed attribute. You can only use one element like Pyrus.

You are allowed to use a total of 2 abilities, 1 special ability and 1 fusion ability per round/battle. A winner is declared when all 3 of a players bakugan are defeated or when the brawl lasts longer than 2 days without a response. In that case, that last player to respond will be declared winner by forfeit. We do not at anytime or will ever allow the use of real life abilities or gatecards, this game is modeled after the show not the real life game. Please don't post profile's with real life abilities and gates.If all your bakugan are on the field, then you cant really do anything so you may choose one of the following options:

  • Pass the turn
  • Reset your bakugan

If you choose to reset a bakugan you can only reset one of your bakugan. The winner of a round starts the next turn.

Mechtogan & Trap Bakugan

Only 1 can be used per game.

Can ONLY be used once in a game.

Gs cannot be higher than 430Gs

Mechtogan can only be used when its original bakugan is in play (Examp. Only use Zenthon when a Dragonoid is in play, otherwise u cannot use your Mechtogan ). This means if u have any other bakugan left on your team u can't summon your Mechtogan. Mechtogan can't be targeted by any revival cards when used up.

Trap Bakugan

Only 1 can be used per game

Can ONLY be used once in a game.

Gs cannot be higher than 350Gs

Trap Bakugan can only be used when u have bakugan to play with, otherwise u cannot use your trap bakuagn. This means if u have 0 bakugan left on your team u can't summon your bakugan.

Trap Bakugan can't be targeted by any revival cards when used up.

Gate Cards

When you open a gate card it can only be used once. YOU CANNOT use more than one of the same Gate Card during play. You can only open a gate card when there are 2 bakugan on a card, dosen't matter who teams they are on as long as there are bakugans on a card the cotroller can open it.

Ability Cards

Ability Cards and Counter Cards

These Cards can be used as many times as allowed by the limited list. Copy Cat allows for a selected card to be used again.

An ability card cannot be played more than once in the same turn. When regaining your abillity cards by means of reload and/or Haos Triple Chain Reaction, special abillity cards are not reuseable. Special Ability cards if chosen to be used can and may be used once and you can only use 1 in the same game.

Instant Activated Abillities & GateCards

Below are Abilities/GateCards that work instantly after being activated,Theres no way to counter them

  • Water Refrain
  • Flare Blinder
  • All 6 hazzard gate cards.
  • Mirror Window
  • Shade Cacoon

If an ability is used before an instant activate ability card, the first card may be countered.


This is how your brawling should look

Name: [ You can use a username or nick name ]

Element: Pyrus, Aqous, Darkus, Haos, Subterra, Ventus

Main Bakugan

Unevolved Bakugan reach 650G

Evolved Bakugan reach 750G

Ultimate Bakugan reach 800G

Reasons For Other Elements

If you have Haos and Pyrus abilities when your attribute is Ventus then you will tell us why.

(Example )

Preyus,Elfin,Elico Can change their attribute to two other different attributes as well as some trap bakugan.

Attribute Change Factor

If you have a bakugan/trap that iss allowed to change their attribute they are ONLY allowed to change attribute 1 time per turn or battle.

You CANNOT Change attributes > play an abillity card > change attribute again. 

You CAN play an abillity card of the attribute your bakugan/trap starts as > change attribute > play another abillity card.

Warnings and DQ's

Durning battle failure to play fair and just to the rules the other player will warn the cheating play. Two warnings and the game is over. Each player gets one warning per game. If warned twice the game ends and you declare yourself the victor By Disqualification. There is a difference between issuing a warning to a player and acusing the player of cheating. Players will make mistakes its best to re-read your post to make sure you dont make a mistake. We should all help each other point out mistakes to the play at fault if its not too late the play should be replayed.

Using a card worng is not considered cheating. Using the cards wrong after being corrected or doing so more than once is cheating.

Battles On Hold

If you can't continue your brawl with your opponent, PM that person explainning why the game can't continue and for how long u will be off the site. Time will be granted to the game and the battle will be put on hold. Failure to resume play when you return earns you a forfiet.