Only the best of the best can survive this place

1.Mine Ghost: destroys all bakugan on that card

2.Trade Off: the bakugan that has a g power higher then 400 looses the battle

3.Energy Merge: takes 100gs from the opponents bakugan and gives it to you

4.Quarte Battle: each of the brawlers have to put one bakugan on that gate card

5.Pyrus: it switches the gs with a the opponents bakugan

6. Intercept: a gate card that stops the battle and the next person that plays a bakugan on the gate card wins

7.Level Down: when a bakugan reached a g power of 400 or higher then they loose 100gs

8.Reloaded: it increases the amount of gs your bakugan has by 100 each bakugan you have out on the field(excluding the bakugan that is on it)

9.Super Tauris: the gs are switched

10.Grand Spirit: it gives u 50 times the amount of gate cards are out(including that gate card)

11.Quicksand Freeze: it forces the bakugan to stay on that card

12.Positive Delta: if the opponents bakugan has an attribute of pyrus aquos or haos they loose 200 gs but if the opponents bakugan has an attribute of darkus sub terra or ventus then u loose 200 gs

13.Additional Task: it forces the last bakugan thrown to go back to the players hand

14.Final Judgment: it destroys all the bakugan on that gate card exept of the attribute of ur chooseing

15.Battle Sham: there is a fake battle and one of ur opponent’s bakugan die

16.Triple Battle: the user can add the next bakugan to the battle

17.Character Card: it times 2 the gs of a certain bakugan if they are the same bakugan they both get times 2(this gate fits all bakugan you should label which bakugan the character card is for in your profile)

18.Third Judgment: u are aloud to play one bakugan on that gate card but only one bakugan is left standing

19.Revive: When this card is opened the owner gains all his defeated bakugan back.

20.Scape Goat: the person to frst shoot there bakugan on that card decides wether or not the battle continues ( nether of them loose there bakugan )

21.Bio Haverd: it changes preyus back to its original atribute

22.Magma Fuse Card: it resets all the gate cards and all bakugan go back to the owner

23.Reloaded #2: u can take 100 gs from any bakugan on the battle feild

24.Cheering Battle: u are aloud to add another bakugan on tha gate card

25.Double Battle: forces both brawlers to play another bakugan on that gate card

26. Peace Maker makes both bakugan return back to the owners hand

27.Switch Back: preyus changes his attribute back to the original attribute

28.Level One: it decreases the opponents gs by 100 wen the gs are over 400

29.Wall Lock: the ability is nulified

30. Reload: The user regains all there abillities back excluding their sp abillity card.

31. Preyus Rampage: Preyus Gs double but it cannot change attribute while its on this open card.

32. Attribute field: Call the attribute for this gate card, every bakugan of the same attirbute gains 100 Gs while on this card

33.Aquos Hazard:changes all bakugan on this card to Aquos regardless of attribute.

34.Subterra Hazard:changes all bakugan on this card to Subterra regardless of attribute

35.Ventus Hazard:changes all bakugan on this card to Ventus regardless of attribute

36.Pyrus Hazard:changes all bakugan on this card to Pyrus regardless of attribute

37.Darkus Hazard:changes all bakugan on this card to Darkus regardless of attribute

38.Haos Hazard:changes all bakugan on this card to Haos regardless of attribute

39.Subterra Reactor:boosts subterra bakugan gs by 400

40.Pyrus Reactor: boosts pyrus bakugan gs by 200

41.Haos Reactor:boots haos bakugan gs by 100

42. Ventus Reactor:boosts ventus bakugan gs by 300.

43. Aquos Reactor. boosts aquos bakugan gs by 300.

44. Darkus Reactor: boosts darkus bakugan by 200.

More Gate Cards(Remember that some are banned so check the Limited list in the abilities list)

1. Vortex - All bakugan on and off the field are pulled to this card to battle

2. Elemental Switch: the attributes of each bakugan swap

3. Mess Up- Doubles the G of Opponent and Automatically turns the G (All ) To negative

4. Abillity Mirror - Sends the abilly card effect back at the opponent

5. Darkus Nightfall - Darkus Bakugan gain 150Gs. Pyrus lose 150Gs. Ventis/Aquos/Subterra/Haos lose 100 Gs.

6. Darkus Overture - Darkus Bakugan gain 350 Gs. Brawlers using a Darkus Bakugan may not activate ability cards while battling on this gate card.

7. Infinite Vortex - Neither brawler may use Ability cards.

8. Light Filter - Haos Bakugan have their original Gs set to 0.

9. Reversal Mirror: for the rest of the game all bakugan on the field become the opposite element of what they are. Pyrus<->Aquos, Darkus<->Haos, Ventus<->Subterra. Bakugan in the hands of the players when this card is activated are not affected by this cards effect.

10. Negitive Charge: All G power increases and decreases are reversed. Increases become decreases and decreases become increases.

11. Dark Revenge: Neutralizes the Ability and Gain 1 Ability

12. Frost Bite - Half your opponents Gs

13. Night Sky- Darkus bakugan gains 200 gs.

14. Trap Pull: Pulls in your opponents trap and it's gs are reduced to 0 (Need your bakugan and an opponent's to activate)

15. Spirit Sanctuary: For each astral body on this card Astral Knight gains 100gs and you may use the effect on a single used ability card instead of one of your unused cards.(note using the second effect makes it so your abilties for the turn are 1

16. Mirror Match - When battling on this gate card, if your Gs are lower than your opponent's bakugan your Gs become the same as that bakugan. If your opponent Gains any Gs during this battle u gain the same Gs.

17. Teleporter - Name an attribute. The bakugan on this card of the called element can move to another gate card.

18. Switch strike - switch the position of 2 of your bakugan when being attacked or battling. The bakugan who enters in place of the switched bakugan continues the attack or battle.

19. Shockwave: All bakugan on the not on this gate card lose 100gs and the gs go to the using blakugan.

20. Warp Battle: bring one of your bakugan and one of your opponents from either the field or hand to this gate card.

21. Warp Field: All bakugan on this gate are removed from the game for 3 turns when they return they are increased in gs by 200 and may attack off this card.

22. Outraged Dragon - Cyborg Luminite - Select 1 of your defeated bakugan and give its Gs to Cyborg Luminite as long as it stays ont his card. When itleaves the card its Gs are halved

23. Subterra Pannel - For 3 turns no1 may use their trap bakugan except on this card, even when a trap is set to this card, it's Gs will be cut to 0

24. Darkus Pannel - For 3 turns all non darkus bakugan that are on this card, and any bakugan that is set to this card is forced to be darkus. All non darkus bakugan will also lose 200Gs

25. Pyrus Pannel - All non Pyrus Bakugan on this card 100Gs each turn for 3 turns.

26. Ventus Pannel - All Ventus bakugan on this card gain 100Gs each for 3 turns

27. Aquos Pannel - All Aquos Bakugan on this card gain 50Gs each for each aquos abillity card used for the next 3 turns

28. Haos Pannel - All bakugan on this card cannot be effected of defeated by anything but haos cards and Haos bakugan for 3 turns

29. Midnight Hunt: Adds 200Gs to all Darkus Bakugan